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Second Sunday of Easter/Divine Mercy Sunday – 7 April 2024

In John’ s Gospel today, we witness a profound narrative that encapsulates the essence of Christian faith: the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the transformative power it brings to believers. At its core, this passage illustrates Jesus’ compassionate return to his disciples, offering them peace, forgiveness, and a renewed sense of purpose.

The scene opens with the disciples gathered together in a room, experiencing a mix of fear and uncertainty following Jesus’ crucifixion. Yet, in the midst of their apprehension, Jesus appears among them, embodying the embodiment of peace and reassurance. This moment signifies not only the physical presence of Jesus but also the spiritual reality of his resurrection, which brings hope and restoration to his followers.

Central to this narrative is the figure of Thomas, whose doubt serves as a pivotal element in the story. Thomas’s scepticism underscores the importance of encountering the risen Christ firsthand—a theme that resonates throughout Christian theology. His journey from doubt to belief highlights the transformative nature of faith and the profound impact of encountering the living Christ.

Moreover, Thomas’s doubt sets the stage for the subsequent encounter with Jesus, which occurs a week later. This deliberate sequencing emphasizes the significance of the Christian assembly, where believers come together to worship and commune with the risen Lord. In the context of the Church’s liturgy, Thomas’s experience serves as a poignant reminder of the ongoing presence of Christ among his people, especially during the celebration of the Eucharist.

Through these encounters, John’s Gospel invites readers to reflect on the enduring relevance of Christ’s resurrection in their own lives. Just as the disciples experienced new life and empowerment through their encounters with the risen Lord, so too are believers invited to embrace the transformative power of Christ’s resurrection in their spiritual journey.

Ultimately, John’s Gospel challenges us to move beyond doubt and embrace faith in the resurrected Christ. It reminds us that, like the disciples, we are called to gather together in community, to encounter Christ in the breaking of bread, and to bear witness to his transformative presence in the world.

Fr Stephen Berecz

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