Transfiguration painting

Second Sunday of Lent – 5 March 2023

In this week’s Gospel Matthew describes the Transfiguration of Jesus Christ. In this event, Jesus takes three of his disciples, Peter, James, and John, up a mountain, and is transfigured before them. His face shone like the sun, and his clothes became white as light. Moses and Elijah appeared with him, and a voice from heaven declared, “This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased. Listen to him!”

This event is significant in many ways. Firstly, it reinforces Jesus’ divinity and position as the Son of God. The transfiguration shows that Jesus is not simply a great prophet or teacher, but something much greater and more divine. The presence of Moses and Elijah also emphasizes Jesus’ continuity with the Jewish tradition, and the fulfilment of Old Testament prophecies.

Secondly, the transfiguration provides comfort and assurance to the disciples, who were about to face great challenges and persecution. Seeing Jesus in his divine glory gave them a glimpse of the future glory that awaited them and reinforced their faith and trust in Jesus.

Thirdly, the transfiguration emphasizes the importance of listening to Jesus. The voice from heaven commands the disciples to “listen to him,” indicating that Jesus has a unique and authoritative message that must be heeded. This message includes the call to follow him, to take up one’s cross, and to love and serve others.

Overall, the transfiguration is a powerful and mysterious event that reveals the divine nature of Jesus Christ, reinforces the faith of his disciples, and emphasizes the importance of listening to his message. As Christians, this passage reminds us of the importance of recognizing and affirming Jesus’ divinity and following his teachings with faith and obedience. It also encourages us to seek glimpses of God’s glory in our lives, and to trust in the future glory that awaits us all as believers.

Fr Stephen Berecz

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