27th Sunday in Ordinary Time – 2 October 2022


Greetings of peace, joy and love!

When people tell me that they are losing their faith, my answer is simple, you will never lose what God has given as a gift. When we were baptized, God had infused the gift of faith in our soul. He will never take it back. What we have to do is just to pray like the apostles in today’s Gospel:” Lord, increase our faith!”

What faith? Simple and trivial matter maybe, but real and authentic faith. Faith, even the “size of a mustard seed” can make a big difference in one’s life. Do you know why you don’t make a difference? It’s because you belittle faith. Does faith matter in your life? Too small a matter for someone as big as you? Look again! Maybe you need glasses to see how empty life is without faith.

Someone once said that faith is like the spare tyre that we carry with us as we journey on. It is just there, unnoticed, neglected and often taken for granted, until we experience a flat tyre. How lucky we are if we have a spare tyre. But, check if you have spare tyre and make sure that it isn’t flat or underinflated. Faith must be constantly checked and nourished.

What is the difference between an atheist and a believer? It is the difference between going on a journey with just four wheels or with five wheels. The very thought that there is one spare tyre makes a more confident travel. Aside from your money, investments, and properties, do you carry with you a spare tyre as you journey on? If you are all human efforts without faith, you are missing a lot. On the other hand, if you are all faith without human efforts, you could be messing a lot. Balance! Faith should lead us to good works, and good works should lead us to deeper faith. Faith without works is empty. 
Works without faith is vain. Tip the balance, and we end up with a heroic, but empty humanism on one hand, and spiritual pride and gluttony on the other hand.

While we admonish the faithless to have faith, we also admonish the faith-full to be humble. Borrowing the lines of today’s Gospel, after all we have done, we must come before God’s presence and humbly say, “We are unprofitable servants; we have only done what we were obliged to do.”

“Increase our faith!” More than ever we need to pray this prayer. This is a prayer for all times, for all situations. If times are hard, “Lord, increase our faith” so that we don’t lose hope. If times are fine, “Lord, increase our faith” so that we do not become complacent or proud. Whether you are rich or poor, sinner or saint, healthy or sick, pray constantly, “Lord, increase our faith!”

Don’t just thank God that you have faith. Thank God that you are the source of faith for other people too. Like light, faith must be shown and spread far and wide. Don’t keep the faith. Spread it.

Prayer: Dear God, when I stand at the beginning of a new day, bless me with VISION to see the best of things to come… WISDOM to make good decisions… and most of all, FAITH that you are walking with me every step of the way.  Amen


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