15th Sunday in Ordinary Time – 10 July 2022


Greetings of peace, joy and love!

Have you asked yourself this question “Who is my neighbour?” And what do you have in your mind before asking? When the lawyer asked Jesus this question, he was thinking of the three kinds of neighbours during Jesus’ time – persons living next door; fellow Jew or foreigners married to a Jew. The Lawyer wanted to limit the term neighbour, but Jesus’ answer was different. Neighbour is endless, no boundary, no limitation, no distinction! I am a neighbour! You are a neighbour! Everybody is a neighbour!

Jesus is presenting to us; the Good Samaritan! The Samaritan is “good”, not because of his money, but because of his mercy. He is good because he was charitable and has shown kindness. Remember that kindness is the language that even the blind can see and the deaf can hear.

St. Thomas Aquinas calls charity the mother of all virtues. He argues it is more concerned with the feelings of the heart than external action. St Thomas maintains that charity enables us to sort through our desires, to see what we really want, who we actually love; it helps us use the other virtues to act accordingly.

Christian charity is not a feel-good moment; it is a life-changing experience!

Jesus is challenging us to be a charitable neighbour. “Go and do likewise!”  It is a command, a request and an invitation. A command to be in communion with the Church’s spiritual and corporal works of mercy. A request to participate in the world-wide call to help those who are in need. An invitation to continue the mission of Christ in building a universal family.

Remember the tripod of the Synod – Communion, Participation and Mission!


Quote: Never blame people in your life!

             Good people give you happiness!

              Bad people give you experience!

              Worst people give you lessons!

              Best people give you memories!

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