Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion – 10 April 2022


Greetings of peace, joy and love!

God is pure love! In the face of love, God is powerless and the same love makes Him powerful. Jesus has shown us this image of God in His Passion-Death-Resurrection.

During His Passion: He healed the ear of the High Priest’s servant

                                    He spoke the truth to Pilate

                                    He empathised with the women of Jerusalem

                                    He forgave those who condemned Him

                                    He had compassion to the criminal

In the midst of His Passion He did something beautiful in the lives of people. If we want to make this week holy, let us try to heal broken promises and those we wounded by our sins and wrong decisions. Truth will set us free! Let us always be true to ourselves and to our love ones. Every person is a blessing, so let us not judge them but rather empathise and accept them, even their mistakes and sins. Let us be generous with forgiveness and compassion. Let us show to people the Christ in us. Remember, we are Christians – bearer of Christ.

Holiness is not just doing extraordinary things! True holiness is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well!

Prayer: Lord, it’s Holy Week again. Help me not to make it just a vacation week or false piety 

              week, but a real moment that leads to life, change and conversion. Amen

Quote: Acceptance breeds understanding; understanding breeds love; and when there is love, there are always great miracles! (anonymous)


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