1st Sunday of Advent – 28 November 2021

I think we can safely say this year’s Advent has crept up on us, perhaps not by surprise, but by the fact that we have been in lockdown for so long. The message of this Sunday, “to be prepared for the coming of the Lord”, can provide for us a timely reminder that we should always be prepared. It is so easy to allow different things in life to distract us from who we truly are, that is disciples of Christ, and that all of us are called to walk resolutely on the journey to become closer to our Father in heaven. Sometimes out of the circumstances of the times of our lives, for example with no masses to attend physically during lockdown, and sometimes out of our own weakness, for example allowing our own spiritual lives to deteriorate by being distracted or lazy, we can easily slip away from the normal practices that are there to bring us close to our Lord.

May this Advent be a time of renewal for us. Watch and be ready for the coming of the Lord. People overseas have labelled the lifting of Covid restrictions as “freedom day”, and many in our community have called it by that name too. Let us remember, as we return more and more to a “normal” and free way of life, that true freedom can only come from God, and that He has sent His Son into this world to free us from our sins, truly liberated and a made worthy to share in eternal joy.

Fr Francis Poon

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