OIP (38)

Trinity Sunday – 30 May 2021

Sometimes the Solemnity of the Holy Trinity can be quite a challenging preaching experience for priests. The mystery of the Holy Trinity, Three Persons One God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, is very difficult for us to comprehend. For us, one is one, three is three, and the mystery of one plus one plus one equals one will continue to rattle our brains until the day we see God face to face. Our difficulty in understanding this mystery, however, should not stop us from trying our best to experience it for ourselves. After all, our desire is to share in this union of love between Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It is from this perfect and infinite love between the Father and the Son that the Holy Spirit has proceeded, and the Father, out of this infinite love, first sent His Son to be our saviour, and then sent the Holy Spirit to be source of divine grace dwelling among all His sons and daughters in our world. He invites us to be active participants of this love. The more we live the spirit of charity, the more we are united in love with the Holy Trinity, and come to appreciate more and more that divine love which unites the Father, Son and Holy Spirit a one.

Fr. Francis Poon

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