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Passion (Palm Sunday) – 28 March 2021

If we see the journey of Lent as our journey with Jesus our Lord on His way to Calvary for the salvation of us all, then Palm Sunday is the moment when everything becomes more real, more pressing. It is like after a long journey, we enter our final destination and see the sign that says “Welcome to XXX”. We are here, after a long time, to do whatever it is that we need to do.

Of course for our Lord, he was fully aware of the sacrifice that he was about to make for our sake. It was not a journey that would be all smooth and filled with joy. A difficult task lay ahead. In fact it would be the most difficult thing to do ever since he began his public ministry. With love beyond all telling, he would suffer and die on the cross so that we may have life through him. All his teachings and miracles throughout his ministry have come to their climax, the act of perfect self-sacrificing love that encompasses all people and all things.

Two thousand years ago, Jesus hung upon the cross with only His mother Mary and His beloved disciple by his side. Now is the time for us to seek the courage to be able to journey with Him and stand beside Him. No longer are we disciples who fled and hid in fear, but rather disciples who courageously stand beside our Lord and give witness to Him. When He entered into the city of Jerusalem, the crowds welcomed Him and shouted “Hosanna”. Yet a few days later they shouted “Crucify Him” instead. On our part may we welcome Jesus into our lives, and then turn and follow Him with great resolve, so that as we prepare ourselves to share in His suffering and death, He will grant us a share in His everlasting life.

Rev. Francis Poon

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