Twenty Third Sunday In Ordinary Time – 06 September 2020

In this Sunday’s Gospel Jesus talks about fraternal correction and how he promises to be with us when we pray.

This passage reminded me of a story where a craftsman who was carving out a statue from a block of marble, each time he struck with his hammer and chisel he would take a piece off to reveal the masterpiece that was in his mind. The loss of extra marble did not take anything away from the statue instead it made it more beautiful. After the process of carving, the statue was sanded and then polished until it was completed.

 Lots of unnecessary marble was removed to reveal a beautiful statue. In a similar way God desires to remove certain things from our lives so that we can grow closer to him. God’s hand in our life is certainly similar to that of the artist who carved a beautiful statue from marble. God continues to purify us, correcting us so that we become a perfect child of God. Just like the artist God slowly takes away things that are not part of his plan for our life. Unlike the block of marble, we are alive, and we sometimes feel the effects of this artistic work that God does in our lives. However, it is always for our betterment and ultimately to bring us to the perfection that God has for us as we live our lives out in Christ. For God desires to shape you into someone who is the more authentic version of you.

The Gospel talks about how God chooses to use members of the community to help one another in this process of spiritual growth. As Christians we ultimately want the best for our brothers and sisters in Christ. A part of this duty of care is that we are called to pray for each other, interceding for those whom we know and love. In praying for others God works in our lives at the same time bringing us and the people that we pray for closer to himself. In fact there is a great promise attached to those who pray together, Jesus tells us in the Gospel that your prayers will be answered and that when two or more are gathered in Jesus’ name he will be there with them.

 The Artist of our life has promised that he would be with us when two or more gather in his name. This is a reminder to us of the importance of prayer, for God desires to be with us, and God desires that we continue to grow in our spiritual life. God truly desires us to become our true selves in him. God has also given us a way of actively cooperating in this work of redemption. Today we are reminded of God’s guiding hand and the power of prayer. The life that God has for us is a journey into greater communion with the one who made us and loves us dearly. God is always there for us and truly desires us to come to him in prayer, to lay out our lives before him so that he may continue to transform us into who he has made us to be.

 Blessings ~Fr Tony King-Archer

 Cathedral of St Patrick & St Joseph



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