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Sixth Sunday Of Easter – 17 May 2020

Dear Parishioners of St Benedict’s:

Greetings to you all!

I hope that you are enjoying the openness and freedom that has come with level-2, it has indeed been a unique and long couple of months.

Under the restrictions of this level, we are still not able to celebrate weekday or Sunday Masses. Like you, I am hoping that, sooner rather than later, we will be able to gather as a community to celebrate the Eucharist, which is so central to our Catholic way of life.

From Monday, our Parish Office will be open during normal office hours. However, it will be necessary to observe all of the Level-2 requirements of the Ministry of Health i.e. distancing, contact tracing etc. and please do not come into the office if you are sick!!

Our gospel scripture for this Sunday (John 14:15-21) presents Jesus at the last supper with the apostles promising them the divine presence to all who believe in him. The love of Jesus and his Father will reward those who love him.

We hear Jesus promises to live in us. Those who believe in Jesus and keep his commandments have within them the presence of God. In the Spirit, Jesus is present to us and with us, fulfilling his promise to return and not leave us orphans.

This Gospel passage is full of hope and promise:
“He abides in you”
“He will be with you”
“Because I live, you also will live”
“I am with you”

In our ongoing and active love, the Risen Lord continues his promise among us today. Even though we cannot at present celebrate Mass or the Sacraments, Jesus is with us if we keep our hearts open to his promise.

In the midst of all that we have been through and still have to go through with Covid-19, remember the promise of Jesus to be with us, to live with us. Pray these words, keep them close to you heart in difficult periods to be comforted from them; “I am with you”. What an extraordinary, comforting promise from Jesus. Let it nourish and sustain you.


Monsignor Paul Farmer

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