Nineteenth Sunday In Ordinary Time – 11 August 2019

For those who believe in God, life is a journey of searching in the valley of shadows and darkness, full of fear and doubts. Every person remains to   themselves a mystery and an unsolved problem. We are dissatisfied with our present life – in terms of this world it does not add up or reach fulfilment. We see ourselves as strangers and exiles on this earth, pilgrims in search of a homeland and a better country beyond our present situation.

The only beacon of light we have on our passageway is faith. It is our attempt at solving the dark mystery of where we came from, why we are here, and where we are going. We believe that there is a purpose to life and a divine providence at work within us. Somehow the hand of God is in action weaving a pattern in and out of our lives, shaping our destiny. It is God’s world and he knows what he is doing with it. This is our belief – it is our faith. It is not something we can describe. Faith is a type of window we look through which helps us to see life from a viewpoint beyond this world, enabling us to take God at his word when he makes promises about the future and calls us to be his people, in a special way.

The Jews could never think about trust in God and not recall the story of Abraham, their father in faith. He left family, friends and country and went as a pilgrim on life’s journey. The only thing he had was a promise from God. His faith was so unshakeable that on one occasion he drew a knife and was willing to sacrifice his only son, Isaac if God wanted it that way. Abraham never knew where the road of life would take him, but he believed at the end of it he would meet God.

The call from God to go forward into the unknown, moving step by step as light or darkness allows, is made to all of us. We, no less than Abraham, are called to leave behind the old ways of sin and selfishness and to put our trust in God, who calls us to walk the way he has planned for us. We cannot settle down in this world. Each day we have countless opportunities of showing our faithfulness as christians. To have faith in Christ, we must live his life and do his works appointed by him, willing to expose ourselves to the wear and tear of caring for others.

Every day we are presented with opportunities of demonstrating our faithfulness as followers of Christ. If we avail ourselves of them, we will be prepared and ready for the arrival of the master of the house and whatever hour he chooses to come.

Fr Peter Tipene



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